Honors Program

Early Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Final Application Deadline: Monday, January 8, 2024
Medical Honors Pathway Application Deadline: Thursday, December 21, 2023

Our Honors Program caters to students with outstanding scholastic aptitude, demonstrated leadership qualities, and exemplary writing skills.

Participating in the Honors Program, as an Honors Scholar or Honors Associate, gives academically superior students a competitive advantage in applying to graduate school and in pursuing their professional careers, and our alumnae, time and again, reflect this. Honors Program students are often rewarded with placement in prestigious internships and high-level career opportunities. Graduates of the Honors Program have, in recent years, been accepted into top graduate schools such as UCLA, Columbia University, and Yale University; and have started successful careers at renowned companies and firms such as Goldman Sachs, Google, and the United Nations.

Academic rigor

Students who meet the academic requirements and are prepared to excel in demanding classes will thrive in our Honors Program. Challenging honors courses and advanced seminars are designed to build superior writing, communication, and leadership skills. A highlight of the program is the senior honors thesis, which provides an opportunity for Honors Scholars track students to conduct high-level research in your area of interest and further hone these skills in advance of graduate school or a professional career. For example, one student's research on the connection between oral and systemic health helped prepare her for graduate work at the Touro College of Pharmacy. Participating in interdisciplinary projects provide Honors students with the opportunity to work in close consultation with Honors Program faculty mentors, each one an expert in his or her chosen field. 

Learning beyond the classroom

The Honors Program helps students maximize their intellectual and leadership capabilities so they can achieve their professional goals to the fullest extent of their abilities and make positive contributions to their communities. Honors students attend special lectures and trips to fully experience the rich cosmopolitan environment of New York. From behind-the-scenes tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, visits to the United Nations, and lectures by Jewish leaders as part of our Speakers Series (such as, in recent years, Malcolm Hoenlein, Michael Miller, Cynthia Darrison, and Ricky Cohen), students in the Honors Program enjoy unique programming that broadens their horizons, helps them better understand the world around them, and further enriches the college experience. These cultural activities, workshops, and lectures provide Honors students with valuable skills that mark their careers as dedicated professionals transforming lives and communities.

Rewarding merit

All students in the Honors Program receive substantial merit scholarships.

Honors Program Requirements and Application

Contact us

Dr. Karen Sutton, Director of the Honors Program, and Dr. Melanie Levine, Assistant Director of the Honors Program, are available to answer your questions. They can be reached by email at Karen.Sutton@touro.edu and Melanie.Levine@touro.edu