Small classes. More room to learn.

Our academic programs are both challenging and rewarding. By conscientiously keeping our classes small, we guarantee that each student can be an active participant in, and make the most of, her education. Our faculty members encourage debate and promote intellectual inquiry and exploration, and the LCW administration listens carefully to students, respecting ideas and applauding achievements. As you progress through your college career, support is always readily available.

The right major. The perfect balance.  

Our dual Jewish and secular programs and majors offer a purposefully tailored selection of courses for those pursuing the sciences, social sciences, mathematics, or other liberal arts degrees. Through our carefully curated core requirements, students become well-rounded scholars who know how to engage in intelligent discourse on everything from the roles of women in Tanach to the intricacies of cellular physiology to the variations in Renaissance- and Modern-era art.

We challenge you to achieve.

Besides our Honors Program, which gives ambitious students the opportunity to enjoy a higher-level academic experience, our students have the chance to enrich their studies by contributing to faculty research, interning in their area of interest, and joining—or forming—student-run societies. Renowned experts in their fields lecture at LCW on a regular basis, giving students the unique opportunity to link their classroom learning with practical application. 

These educational and enrichment opportunities prepare our graduates for top careers in diverse professional fields, and our alumnae's achievements—in medicine, politics and policy, the Jewish community, eldercare, and everything in between—speak for themselves. At LCW, we want you to get the most out of your education and your college experience—because your journey is also ours.