Application & Admission Requirements

Medical Honors Pathway (MHP) Application Deadline: Thursday, December 21, 2023

**Students who are applying to the MHP must first apply to the Honors Program by the Early Deadline (November 1, 2023) and will be asked to accept the HP Admissions offer within one week after they have been notified about their MHP admissions decision.

You should apply during your senior year in high school. You can also apply during your post-high school study in yeshivot and seminaries in Israel or elsewhere. High school graduates who have not enrolled as full-time students at a Touro College undergraduate school, or at any regionally-accredited college or university are eligible, as well.
Please note: You must first apply to the LCW Honors Program (HP) by the Early Deadline (November 1, 2023) prior to submitting the Medical Honors Pathway (MHP) application. The MHP deadline is December 21, 2023. 

Academic Requirements

In order to be considered for the Medical Honors Pathway applicants must have:

  • SAT score (math/verbal) of at least 1410 or ACT Composite score of 31
  • Un-weighted high school GPA of 3.7

If you meet these academic standards and apply to the Medical Honors Pathway, you will be interviewed by a member of the New York Medical College’s Admissions Committee, after admission to a Touro College undergraduate school.

Applicants must also submit

  • Two letters of recommendation attesting to the maturity and qualifications of the applicant for the Medical Honors Pathway, including the applicant's capability in understanding and applying scientific information. At least one recommendation letter must be written by a physician or by the head of a research lab (with Ph.D. credentials) who supervised your clinical or research experience.

    Note: If you previously submitted two recommendation letters for your Honor Program application that meet these requirements, it is not necessary to submit additional letters for your Medical Honors Pathway application. All recommendation letters must be submitted on your behalf directly by your referees to the LCW Admissions Office (

  • An essay not to exceed 5,300 characters, prepared by the applicant, discussing why you are interested in a career in medicine and enrollment in the Medical Honors Pathway. Note: If one of your Honors Program essays focused on your clinical or research-related experiences, you may use that essay for both the Honors Program and Medical Honors Pathway applications.  Please submit your essay directly to the LCW Admissions Office (  

  • Please note: You must acquire meaningful supervised clinical or research experience related to the health sciences. This experience must be obtained outside of your high school (e.g., at a clinic, hospital, or recognized research lab). Please document your experiences on your MHP application form.

Applications to the Medical Honors Pathway will be reviewed after a student has been accepted to a Touro College undergraduate school.

Medical Honors Pathway Application