The Little Things Make All the Difference

“Through my degrees in elder law and business, I’m giving seniors a better life. My job is to be their advocate.”

October 14, 2014
JANAYA KERBEN: Since I was a kid, I've just been very sensitive to the elderly because my grandma basically raised us. She's lived with me my entire life. I would go over to visit nursing homes, hospitals, and over the years, I've just felt a need to help older people.

Once a week, I volunteer at local nursing homes and hospitals throughout the New York area. I've seen how, unfortunately, many people were treated in hospitals that were neglected. When I was in nursing homes, I was like, no. I'm not going to allow that to happen anymore. I want to help these people.

Those few hours that you spend with someone, the impact you can make is awesome. Every small act that you do-- just saying "hi" to someone, giving your time-- people don't realize what big difference it can make in someone's life.

Through my degree in Elder Law and Business, I'm really giving them a better life. Someone needs to be able to help seniors take care of themselves in every area of life. My objective, in the end of the day, is really to advocate for them.

You don't have to have a million dollars in the bank to help people.

Janaya Kerben’s grandmother lived with her family growing up. The LCW Class of 2009 graduate credits this experience with making her sensitive to the needs of the elderly and inspiring her career path.

Kerben received her B.S. in marketing/management and then went on to earn her MBA in health care administration at Touro’s Graduate School of Business (GSB). Currently, she’s pursuing her Juris Doctor in elder law at the Touro Law Center. Both degrees will help her embark on her mission to improve treatment and support for older patients, especially in hospital and nursing home settings.

“Someone needs to help seniors take care of themselves in every area of their lives—my job is to be their advocate.”

And to gain firsthand knowledge in her specialty, she volunteers weekly at local nursing homes and hospitals in New York.

“The few hours you spend with them…can make a huge impact.”

This is Janaya Kerben’s story.