Honors Program Requirements

Admissions requirements for the Honors Program are different than general LCW admissions. There is also a separate application with a separate set of supporting materials, in addition to your general LCW application.

Requirements for admission

The Honors Program has two tracks, Honors Scholars and Honors Associates, with a higher scholarship awarded for the Honors Scholars. 

Honors Scholars requirements:

  • A minimum score of 1410 on the SAT, or a 31 on the ACT.
  • A high school grade point average of 92 or above.

Honors Associates requirements:

  • A minimum score of 1350-1400 on the SAT, or a 29 or 30 on the ACT.
  • A high school grade point average of 92 or above.

Application process

You must complete the Honors Application and submit two letters of recommendation for the Honors Program, in addition to the general LCW application and the two letters of recommendation required for general college admission. Students applying to the Honors Program will end up submitting two applications, the application for general admission to LCW and the Honors Program application. Both the Honors Program application and the general admissions application, with all supporting materials, must be submitted by the Honors Program deadline date. An Honors Program applicant will submit:

  • General admissions application to LCW
  • Two letters of recommendation to accompany the general admissions application
  • Honors Application
  • Two letters of recommendation to accompany the Honors Program application

You should apply for the Honors Program at the same time you apply for general college admission. If you are accepted to the program and attend seminary in Israel, you will be invited to special events, such as shiurim and receptions, in Israel.

Honors program applicants will be contacted to schedule a personal interview.


This is a highly competitive program. We encourage you to apply early.

 Early Application Deadline: November 30, 2020
 Final Application Deadline: January 11, 2021



Reva Jacoby
(212) 287-3547

Dr. Melanie Levine
(212) 287-3505