Come on over.

Lander College for Women welcomes qualified transfer students and qualified visiting students from other colleges. Whether it is for our outstanding academic programs, our Jewish environment, or our student life, we’re glad you’re considering making the move to LCW.

First you will need to review our admission requirements and complete our application process. In addition to high school records, please send a copy of your college or seminary transcripts. 

Transfer credits

Credits are granted for appropriate coursework completed with a grade of “C” or better. To receive transfer credits for college-level work completed at another institution, students must submit an official transcript. Entering students submit their transcripts to the Office of Admissions, while those who have already enrolled must forward their records to the Office of the Registrar. All transferred courses are posted on a Touro College transcript without grades.

Transfer students seeking credit for previous academic work may make an appointment with the Transfer Credit Advisor in the Office of the Registrar to receive an assessment of possible credits.

Fulfilling major requirements

If transfer credits are to be used to fulfill major concentration requirements, it may be necessary to schedule a conference with department chairpersons.

Transferring with an Associate degree

Students who have completed an Associate degree at an accredited institution will receive up to 60 credits, but they must meet the individual course and liberal arts requirements of their selected certificate and/or degree program.

Transferring from a seminary

LCW awards a maximum of 48 credits for post-high-school seminary studies, which means students may enter with sophomore standing. 

The fine print

A maximum of six credits is generally granted for previous work completed in technical or professional programs not offered at Touro College. Credits may not be awarded for courses taken more than 10 years prior to a student’s first semester at LCW in computer science, natural sciences, business, and accounting.

Transfer students should be aware that a course taken at LCW that was previously passed at a prior institution will not count toward full-time status for financial aid purposes.  This may have adverse financial aid implications, and a Financial Aid officer should be consulted for further information.  If you pass a course at Touro for which you have also received transfer credit at a prior institution, the transfer credit will be deleted.

If you have questions about transfer credits, please contact:

Sarah Klugmann
Director of Admissions
(212) 520-4263

Batya Bosin
Associate Director of Recruitment
(212) 287-3547