Israel Option

Spend your first year of college studying at a seminary in Israel while earning credit back home.

The Israel Option is the beginning of your academic journey at Touro designed for students who wish to study in Eretz Yisrael as the first step towards a baccalaureate degree with Touro.

Your time in Israel is a great opportunity for intensive, concentrated study of Torah Texts: Talmud and Tanach with their respective commentaries, Jewish Law, History, and Philosophy. You’ll increase your knowledge and fluency in oral and written Hebrew, and immerse yourself in the culture, history and land of Israel.

Touro's Israel Option (TCIO) Benefits

As a student enrolled in TCIO you may earn up to 36 college credits as a combination of Touro courses and transfer credit. Additional transfer credits from seminary may be awarded if you study in Israel after the first year with a maximum accrual of 48 credits. TCIO makes it easy:

  • Israel Option courses have been pre-approved by Touro College and grades earned will appear on your transcripts, and are calculated in your Touro academic record.
  • Academic Advisement, career counseling, and course planning services provided by Touro Israel staff.
  • Opportunity to explore career choices with Touro faculty.
  • Eligible to apply for Federal and State Financial Aid Programs.
  • Possible tax benefits (1098-T form).
  • Ability to use “529” accounts to pay tuition.
  • Pay tuition for seminary with a Touro College Online Payment Plan throughout the year in Israel.

How to Apply

Students interested in the Israel Option should apply to both Lander College for Women and the desired Israeli institution.

Upon acceptance to Lander College for Women, admitted students interested in the Touro College Israel Option (TCIO) receive a Tuition Contract to Participate in the Touro College Israel Option (TCIO). After submission of the tuition contract, the contract will be reviewed and a determination will be made. If approved, you must submit all requested documents and make appropriate tuition payments to Touro College prior to your departure to Israel.

If you are admitted to LCW on a probationary basis or reside outside of the US, you may not participate in the Israel Option. Learn more about how the Israel Option program works.