Judaic Studies in The Irving Montak Department of Judaic Studies

The Irving Montak Department of Judaic Studies at LCW offers many courses for those majoring in Judaic Studies and to fulfill your residency requirements, as part of your core requirements.

The major in Judaic Studies requires an additional 15 credits (5 courses), one of which must be an Advanced Topics course.

The minor requires an additional 6 credits (2 courses); one course with relevant content taken in a different department, and one Judaic Studies Advanced Topics course.

Please refer to student Bulletin for fuller description of Judaic Studies Major/Minor.

The following is a sampling of classes in each of three areas of study:

Judaic Studies Bible (JSB)

Advanced   Honors
JSB 209 - Biblical Themes JSB 522 NH - David: Poet and King
JSB 530 - Classic Sephardic Commentators JSB 351 NH - Exodus - Maharal
JSB 412 - Women In The Bible JSB 472 2NH - Ezra and Nehemiah
JSB 241 - Proverbs JSB 356 NH - Biblical Poetry - Prophets
JSB 391 - Topics in Early Prophets: Eliyahu Ha-Navi JSB 493 NH - Adv. Topics Bible: Asseret Ha-Dibrot

Judaic Studies Law (JSL)

Advanced   Honors
JSL 362 - Jewish Business Ethics JSL 396 NH - Topics in Responsa Literature
JSL 351 - Foundations of Jewish Law JSL 432 2NH - Land of Israel in Jewish Law and Thought
JSL 245 - Jewish Life Cycle JSL 432 NH - Contemporary Problems in Halakhah
JSL 364 - Halakhah and Psychology

Judaic Studies Heritage (JSH)

Advanced   Honors
JSH 543 - Kuzari JSL 546 NH - Torah and Science
JSH 157 - Structure & Development of Jewish Prayer JSH 258 NH - Jewish Thought: The Hasidic Masters
JSH 245 - Life & Works of Rashi JSH 354 2NH - Issues in Contemporary Jewish Thought
JSH 289 - Topics in Maimonidean Code JSH 451 2NH - Ein Yaakov

The following is a sample of Advanced Topics courses.

Advanced   Honors
JSB 493 - Adv. Topics Bible: Megillot JSB 493 NH - Adv. Topics Bible: Mishkan and Its Vessels
JSL 493 - Adv. Topics Law: The Seven Noahide Laws JSL 493 NH - Adv. Topics Law: Medical Issues
JSL 493 - Adv. Topics Law: Between Man and Man JSH 493 NH - Adv. Topics Thought: Kiddush Hashem in Ashkenaz
JSH 493 - Adv. Topics Thought: Idealogical Issues