Pre-Nursing Track

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Touro University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through its School of Health Sciences, Touro Nursing is located at the Touro Brooklyn campus. Students begin their degree in NYC with pre-requisite courses offered at Touro’s Lander College for Women in Manhattan and then continue their studies at the School of Health Sciences in Brooklyn. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the National Board for Certification in Nursing (NCLEX).

 NURSING PATHWAYS PROGRAM: Qualified students may apply and receive an acceptance to both Lander College for Women and the School of Health Sciences Nursing program directly from High School or while studying in Israel through the Nursing Pathways Program. To apply for this program students must have a:  

  • GPA of at least a 90  
  • Standardized test score. (SAT-1100, ACT-22, or the TEAS.)

Upon completion of the pre-requisite courses at the Lander College for Women, and all other admission requirements, students admitted to the Nursing Pathways program may immediately continue with the professional phase of their education.

Fast Track Nursing Option

If qualified, you can complete your BSN in only 3 years.

The fast track allows students to complete the pre-requisite courses at Lander College for Women in 1 year and then continue to the Nursing School to complete their BSN.

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Pre-Nursing Track Required Courses

Below are the lists of courses to be completed at Lander College for Women prior to enrolling in the Nursing School.

Courses to be taken at Lander College for Women: Required Science Courses (23 Credits)

  • BION 101 - Principles of Biology I - 4 credits
  • BION 102 - Principles of Biology II - 4 credits
  • BION 222 - Anatomy and Physiology I - 4 credits
  • BION 223 - Anatomy and Physiology II - 4 credits
  • BION 228 - Microbiology - 4 credits
  • BION 246 - Nutrition and Human Development– 3 credits

Please note: Students interested in the Fast Track Nursing option must have completed Biology I and II, as well as English Composition I before the start of the Fall semester. Students who place into English Composition II are exempt from English Comp I. BION101 and 102 can be taken on zoom during the summer before they begin Lander College for Women. Students who took an AP in Biology with a lab and scored a 4 or 5 on the AP exam would receive credits for that and would not be required to take BION 101 or 102.

Courses to be taken at Lander College for Women: Other Required Courses (36 Credits)

  • LLEN 101 - English Composition I - 3 credits
  • LLEN 102 - English Composition II - 3 credits
  • MATN 110 – College Math (or higher) - 3 credits
  • MATN 261 - Statistics - 3 credits
  • PSYN 101 - Introduction to Psychology - 3 credits
  • SASN 103 - Introduction to Sociology – 3 credits
  • History – 6 credits
  • Literature – 6 credits
  • SPLN 140 - Computer Course – 3 credits