David Goldwasser

Assistant Professor, Judaic Studies

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Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, a prominent Torah personality, is Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies at Lander College for Women, and is Director of Torah Initiatives. He is the rabbi of Congregation Bnei Yitzchok in Brooklyn, New York. Rabbi Goldwasser is a syndicated columnist, daily radio commentator, and acclaimed speaker known for his exceptional ability to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. His lectures are listened to around the globe by thousands of people through select media outlets. Rabbi Goldwasser has traveled extensively, including numerous trips to Eastern Europe, connecting with individuals from every background and greatly impacting their communities.

A popular author of over a dozen books, Rabbi Goldwasser is a recognized expert in the field of chinuch and mental health. With a perceptive understanding of, and sensitivity for, each individual, he is frequently consulted on numerous issues. He spends countless hours counseling students, couples and families who seek guidance and direction with their challenges, and writes extensively on the subject.

Rabbi Goldwasser serves on the advisory board of Misaskim, Misameach, Big Brother/Big Sister, HEED Prevention Program for Young Adults, Shalom Task Force, and the Mentoring Program of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. He serves on the rabbinical board of ChesedNet, Maimonides Hospital Feeders Program, Project SPARK, and MASK (Mothers Aligned Saving Children).

He has written three books on the subject of mental health. His last publication, entitled The Addicted Soul, addresses the world of addiction: Drugs, alcohol, internet, gambling, and food.