Orientation Week at LCW

New students get to know their campus, faculty, and fellow students.

September 26, 2016

Hailing from across North America, Argentina, and England, the new student cohort began to familiarize themselves with the many faces and facets of LCW during a week-long orientation, which included meeting the administration and receiving academic guidance from faculty advisors regarding their individual majors and requisite courses in preparation for registration. In addition to presentations from the deans, career services, and counseling offices, students also gleaned advice from the graduating class of 2016 and enjoyed an (uproarious) evening performance by the National Comedy Theatre. The week concluded with a shabbaton at the 85th and 65th Street residence facilities, where dorming students enjoyed shabbat meals with their residence directors, residence advisors, and new peers.

“This is an outgoing and spirited group of new students,” commented Chana Brooke, assistant to the residence directors. “They have big ideas about creating new clubs and societies and are excited to begin their freshman year!”

The following week, both new and returning students celebrated the beginning of the semester with a “Welcome Back BBQ” organized by student government ‘16-’17. “This is only the beginning,” said VP Laura Sachs about events-in-the-making. “We can’t wait to see what new students bring to student life programming.”