Open House 10/25/15: On October 25, 2015, there will be an Open House from 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm at Lander College for Women.
At The Lander College for Women-The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School you can enjoy the rigors of academia in a fully supported Jewish environment. Whether you want to take challenging Judaic Studies courses, attend special programs on
parsha, rosh chodesh and yomim tovim, participate in the Jewish community across the US and around the world, celebrate a Shabbos with friends in your student residence or hear from noted rabbis right on campus, it’s all possible at The Lander College for Women.
The Lander College for Women has the right program just for you. Whichever track you choose affords you an exceptional education and a personal support team of faculty, staff and administration to help you reach your professional goals.
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When (the Jewish month) Adar begins, we increase our joy. Over one hundred women studying in Israel gathered together on Feb. 16, shortly before Rosh Chodesh Adar, to channel the strength of the happiest month…