LCW Celebrates Annual Chanukah Chagigah

Students Dance the Night Away

January 05, 2017
Decorations for the Chanuka 2016 celebration at LCW.
Decorations for the Chanuka 2016 celebration at LCW.

After dancing to some festive tunes, students donned gypsy skirts and glow sticks and followed along to the DJ’s tutorial moves. Songs ranging from “Hashem Melech” and the remixed “Bas Kol” to “Cotton Eye Joe” and “Cha-Cha Slide” played over the stereo system as Chanukah strobe lights flashed across the walls. And of course, the night would not have been complete without a competitive dance-off!  

Sarah Laks, biology major ‘17 and vice president of student government, spent weeks preparing for the event with LCW Resident Director Mrs. Malkie Katz. “After all that hard work, it felt so good to see the student body come together like a huge family to celebrate Chanukah!” she said.

“Student government outdid themselves with beautiful set up and decorations,” Mrs. Katz added. “It was an incredible night and we’re already looking forward to the Purim Chagigah!”