LCW Alumna Turned Fashionista

A day in the life of Ilyssa Moskowitz, LCW '13

April 13, 2015
‌‌  On a typical day in her life:  “On a day where I have work from 9:45 am to 7:30 pm, I wake up at 7:15 am, shower, and get ready. Get on the 1 train at 8:30, and get off at the Wall Street station. Grab my much-needed Starbucks from the shopping mall next door. Get to work at 9:30 and have fifteen minutes to freshen up, and then work straight with one lunch break until 7:30. Go to the gym. I then meet up with friends or I take the same walk back home, stop for groceries at Whole Foods and then get home and answer emails, make dinner, and return all phone calls and texts I missed while at work. It’s always a busy, full day!”
‌‌‌‌ On her first taste of the fashion world: “I worked at Nordstrom when I was sixteen. I was the youngest employee they ever hired. Since I wasn't allowed to be a sales associate, I assisted two million-dollar sellers [employees who have reached the $1 million sales mark] in the Chanel handbag boutique. I shadowed them while they assisted clients, which gave me a lot of insight into the world of high-end fashion. Then I joined the Kenneth Cole family as a sales associate. The close-knit environment in SoHo allowed me to work one-on-one with customers and build myself up to be the men's specialist there.”
 ‌‌  On what it was like to work at Bloomingdales:  “There were three components to my job. On the most basic level, I assisted any customer that needed my help. The second level is building sales. And the most important level is “clienteling.” I kept a relationship and open communication with our regular clients, informing them of specific items that they were interested in, setting up a time for them to come in to have one-on-one styling time with me…That level is the hardest but the most rewarding once reached.”
‌‌  On her job now at Bonobos:  "I'm a Guideshop Stylist for, a men's ecommerce company that has a partnership with Nordstrom and holds the record of being the largest U.S. clothing brand ever built on the web. Our Guideshops are a place for men to see the products in person, get fitted, and—once they know their size—receive their items via free shipping 1-2 days later. Think of it as a live website. It’s a revolutionary concept: no bags, no inventory—just a place for men to come enjoy a glass a wine and enjoy the shopping experience."

  On the challenges of modern fashion:  “I face daily challenges as a stylist. Men’s fashion has only recently taken a turn and become more prominent in the eyes of the customers. That being said, men are still hesitant to try new styles. Their wives, who do a lot of their shopping, are a main part of the battle. But when I have a customer who is eager to learn and wants my advice, everything falls into place. And that's where the fun happens.”
 On her personal style:  “My favorite quote is: ‘When woman say they have nothing to wear, they really mean they don't know who they want to be that day.’ I really don't have one specific style. Those who know me will say I’ll be ‘J. Crew-catalogue’ one day and ‘all-black a la Jonny Cash’ the next. My go-to look when I want to be the most “me” is simple and comfortable yet flattering and chic. I love black—I think the color is mysterious yet humble—and my favorite piece of clothing is a simple black dress. I say this loosely, though, because I have about twenty-five black dresses, each with its own personality. I'm still searching for a specific one, but I can't seem to stop buying other great ones on the way!”
‌‌  On her dream job in the future:  “Honestly, I have my dream job already at Bonobos. It was awarded one of the 'Best Places to Work in New York City' by Crain’s in 2013, too—the only e-commerce company to receive the award."
 ‌  And finally, on LCW:  “The marketing department helped give me the confidence I needed to become the salesperson I am today. Thanks to their small classes, I was also able to form close relationships with my professors, who helped me find the internships that later led to this job.”