Fresh Faces at LCW

Did you know…?

February 11, 2016
Original work by LCW student Mori Berman
Original work by LCW student Mori Berman
  • Sarah E., from Boynton Beach, FL, is studying psychology…and has a second-degree black belt in karate, which she took for 12 years.
  • Chana P., from Fairfax, VA, is studying sociology…and played defense on her community’s ultimate frisbee team.
  • Rachel O., from Cherry Hill, NJ…was 17 years old when she first flew on a plane.
  • Adira G., from West Hempstead, NY, is pre-law…and took contemporary ballet throughout high school.
  • Mori B., from Denver, CO, is studying biology and computer science…and creates graffiti art in her spare time.
  • Hannah T., from Houston, TX, is studying English and education…and was a vegetarian for 14 years.
  • Shosh G., from Lower Merion, PA, is studying psychology…and had 24 pets in the span of three years, including a ferret.
  • Vivian O., from Houston, TX, is a pre-PA student…y habla español muy bien.
  • Chanie B., from Queens, NY, is studying business and management…and taught herself to juggle.
  • Sarah C., from Monsey, NY, is studying computer science…and has dreams to road-trip across America.
  • Natasha W., from Los Angeles, CA, is studying communications…and is very passionate about Dubsmash.
  • Liora B., from Lawrence, NY, is studying psychology…and lived in Paris until age 15.
  • Sarah S., from Cedarhurst, NY…wants to be a criminal detective.
  • Reena E., from Palm Bay, FL, is studying Judaic Studies…and has been playing violin for 11 years, following in the footsteps of her mother and great-grandmother—whose violin, bought in the early 1900s off a pushcart in Manhattan, she still plays in her house!
  • Rochel G., from Chicago, IL, is studying psychology…and spent last summer volunteering for One Family Fund in Israel.
  • Rebecca W., from Queens, NY, is studying speech-language pathology…and has only started to learn the NYC subway system because of her daily commute to LCW.
  • Nikki F., from Long Beach, NY, is studying sociology…and plays six jazz instruments including the oboe and saxophone.
  • Penina A., from Elizabeth, NJ, is studying psychology…and was head of Kedma in her seminary year (which she won!). She picks up her musical talent from her dad, who’s a DJ!
  • Moriah B., from Monsey, NY, is studying biomedical-engineering…and spent a summer driving from NY to Alaska on a 73-hour road trip with her family.
  • Aliza K., from Highland Park, NJ, is studying psychology…and has two pet pygmy goats and three chickens.