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A native of the Philippines, Raya Gilan isn’t your typical student in a small Jewish college in Manhattan. Then again, the more you hear her story the more you realize that almost nothing about her is typical. 
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Wonder who to approach for what? Whether it pays to get involved in student life, even with a heavy courseload?
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Dare to dream, and work to make your dreams come true. Strive for excellence. Ask as many questions as you can when you start a new position. Don\'t be afraid to take risks. Talk to friends everywhere: knowing people helps you get ahead. Think before you act: You can\'t google a thought process. Never stop reading. Learn to code. The faculty and staff of Lander College for Women--The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School (LCW) share some advice with the class of 2015. 
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A multitalented graduate of Lander College for Women is on her way to becoming one of the first graduates of Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College.