Shoshana Dunner

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Future Physician Assistant

January 13, 2016

Future Career: Physician Assistant

“I think it’s so fascinating how different biology systems work,” says Shoshana, who wants to work as a PA in oncology or prenatal care. “I was speaking to a nurse from Australia at a Chabad shabbaton, who told me that the smallest thing that could go wrong in a baby can turn into something so drastic, which is totally not the same for adults…”

Favorite professor: Professor Jeffrey Strickman, Principles of Biology II

“He teaches at a very good pace; there are eight students in the class, so I can have a one-on-one session whenever I want. If I have a question, he’ll use visuals and go online to show me how I could research the answer to my own question. He tells me that all my questions are important---even if it’s not on the test, he considers it important, and he values it, which I really appreciate.”

What she loves most about LCW:  “I love the environment. Every time I walk into a new class, I meet new friends. And I like the fact that the professors are very accommodating. Right now I’m taking a sociology class, and even though it’s a field I’d never think of going into, I ask a lot of questions—it’s something I like learning about—and the professor spends a lot of time answering them.”

Hobbies: Volunteering for NCSY, going to operas, playing the ukulele (“I just picked it up in seminary”), attending Broadway shows (“Les Mis… I was in awe...Jean Valgean--I don’t think you understand how amazing his voice is”).