Shira Epstein

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Future Marketer

January 13, 2016

Future Career: Marketer

“I wanted to put my creativity to work in a practical major. I’m interested in art and interested in business, so this was a good marriage.”

Favorite class: Advertising and Promotions, Professor Michelle Tendler

“You never really realize all the different factors and emotions that go along with ads. Now, whenever I watch commercials, I’m critiquing them!”

As a Marketing Intern at Ohr Naava, she helps the COO with coordinating events, such as the annual Brooklyn MKT. She got the job via a simple email to Ohr Naava’s director—an example that underscores her quality of shooting straight for her goals. “It was always a dream. I heard Rabbi Wallerstein’s shiurim and I loved what they do… I’m doing something for the klal and getting good experience in customer service, word-of-mouth marketing, and more.”

If she could choose any company to advertise for, she’d choose: Apple Inc.

“Their ads are so sleek and their commercials use so many different strategies- ethos, pathos, logos…”

What she loves most about LCW: The student residence.

“I love Malkie, Rabbi Goldwasser. You have your privacy, but at the same time you have your friends…And the Upper West Side location is in the heart of everything---the classiest part of New York. A few weeks ago we got to help prepare for The Shabbos Project at Lincoln Square Synagogue – we set everything up for 500 people!”

Hobbies: Shopping at the Upper West Side Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor LOFT, going to the nearby Coffee Bean, cooking (her favorite spice is dill!)