Mindy Kresch


November 01, 2016

Mindy Kresch, a pre-med student, spent part of her summer in Thailand on BioCEP—the Bioethics and Cross-Cultural Education Program, a joint venture between Mahidol University International College, Columbia University, and Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI). She found out about the opportunity during her internship with Columbia University’s Dr. John Loike. Together with fellow students from several universities, she attended classes on human trafficking, bioethics, and bioterrorism. She also visited cultural landmarks and Thai hospitals. “Seeing hospitals in a third-world country is what I imagine American hospitals looked like years ago,” Mindy said. “The guidelines and rules are still in development.” 

Where did you spend Shabbat?

“I spent Shabbat at the different Chabad centers in Bangkok, which was an experience of its own. I loved every minute of it.”

Though the food was cheap, keeping kosher was a bit difficult.

“Thank G-d for Haagen Daaz ice cream.”

Most memorable moment?

“Trying acupuncture.”

Goals after LCW:

“Eventually, I’d like to be an OB Fertility Specialist or Infectious Diseases Specialist.”