Purim at LCW

Students of Lander College for Women (LCW)-The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School gathered to celebrate Purim at the annual Purim Chagigah on Monday night, March 2.

March 26, 2015

The festivities continued in the Purim spirit with a masquerade parade. Familiar faces were replaced with those that were strange and sinister; there were bumblebees and boy scouts, and even a minion! Dean Stoltz-Loike’s doppelganger made an appearance as well. But of all the Batwomen and bubbies, Miriam Teitelbaum, who transformed into a cat for the evening, was the lucky winner of the $50 grand prize for best costume. One look at her tail and cat ears (which moved on their own!) was enough to merit the gift card. Honorable mentions included a variety of creative ensembles: Aviva Chana Kaufman as a beautiful bride, Sloane Grey as Wednesday from The Addams Family, and the Assistant Resident Director and Resident Assistants as a seven-color rainbow.

After enjoying a delicious Chinese dinner and a dvar Torah by Shevy Schiffer, LCW students welcomed mentalist and magician David Blatt for a continued evening of entertainment. For his opening act, he asked students to choose a random word from any page of a book, and successfully guessed all the words. Utilizing his mind-reading skills and the power of suggestion, he correctly guessed random vegetables that the students were thinking about, accurately predicted students’ birthdates, and guessed which students were lying about pictures they drew. It all resulted in oohs and ahhs.