Be an Active Participant. Arrive Early. Come with an Open Mind.

Wisdom from the Class of 2017

October 20, 2017

Speak Up, Build Relationships and Seek Advice

Be an active participant in your classes and take advantage of their small sizes to build relationships with teachers. Know your professors on a personal level.
(Bio major and future Hunter DPT grad, Aviva Becker, from Chicago, IL)

Speak to your major advisor as soon as you can to set your schedule for your college career. I had to delay taking my MCATs because I didn’t take my science classes first to fulfill pre-reqs. If you’re a biology major, spend your third year fulfilling your humanities core requirements. Also, talk to other students about schedules. You might think you know everything, but you don’t!
(Bio major and Detroit, MI native, Tova Braver) 

Make connections in your field early on. Try to figure out your major in your first year.
(Math/actuarial science major, Relly Raskin, from Chicago, IL)

Get to know the students in your major because you’re going to be in most classes together. It’s so helpful to have that support and partnership.
(Psych major and future graduate of CUNY’s Master’s in School Psychology program, Julia Ganchrow, from Rochester, NY) 

You don’t have to do it all by yourself--talk to your professors. They want to help you. Overcome your inner shyness!
(English lit and poli-sci major, Miri Frei, from Brooklyn, NY is pre-law and taking the year to work at the Children’s Law Center.) 

Get cores and pre-reqs out of the way so you’re not stressing about them at the end of your degree.
(Digital multimedia design major, Talia Ovadia-Laniado, from Deal, NJ) 


Use the internet to find internship and volunteering opportunities--that’s how I found Miccass Physical Therapy, an outpatient clinic right here on the Upper West Side. I shadowed PTs and fulfilled observation hours I needed for graduate school.
(Bio major and future Hunter DPT grad, Aviva Becker, from Chicago, IL) 

Get an internship. It will help you figure out what you're good at and what you enjoy doing. Internships bring to life the ideas you're learning about in class.
(Poli-sci major, Rena Devora Winick, from San Diego, CA. She’s pursuing a joint law + national security master’s program.)

Keep an open mind, and know your mind

When you come to college, you’ll be surrounded by people who think and act differently than you do. Coming with an open mind will enable you to have the fullest experience. You’ll see how many more doors and opportunities will be open to you when you broaden your perspective.
(Poli-sci major and pre-law graduate, Tehila Aryeh from Baltimore, MD) 

Be open to considering different majors and pursuing a broader, more well-rounded education. The broader your education, the more interesting people you’ll meet.
(Poli-sci major and pre-nursing student, Faiga Manne, from Brooklyn, NY)

Try and figure out what you’re interested in early on. And take advantage of advisement!
(Bio major and future nurse anesthetist, Shoshana Wolf, from Calgary, AB, Canada)

If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to give it voice. (Also, go to Shakespeare in the Park!)
(Computer science major, Shaina Hirschman, from Passaic, NJ)


Explore one of the most amazing cities in the world. Take the subway, get off at a random spot, and spend the day exploring.
(Poli-sci major, Rena Devora Winick, from San Diego, CA. She’s pursuing a joint law and national security master’s program.)

Always remember to sign out for Shabbos if you’re living in the student residence! And enjoy the city; there are so many fun and free events!
(Psych major and future real estate agent, Phoebe Cutler, from Chicago, IL) 

Take advantage of Central Park. It’s a great place to study, relax, run, and read. You’ll get to your senior year and wish you spent more time there!
(Biology major and Touro College of Dental Medicine student, Miriam Ivry, from Woodmere, NY) 

Don’t let school take over your life, and make time to do the things you enjoy. Also, push yourself to do things you’re uncomfortable with in order to learn and grow.
(Milwaukee, WI native and English literature and education major, Miryam Lakritz, is currently teaching and pursuing a literature and education master’s degree program.)

Go to the lunch programs offered by the marketing department. Use them to learn more about your major and potential career. They’re also a great place to network.
(Marketing and management major, Dina Fried, from East Brunswick, NJ)

Seek out professors, attend lunchtime lectures, and choose courses that interest you. You’ll gain so much from the experience.
(Psych major and Hofstra Clinical School Psychology student, Orly Gross, from Long Island, NY)

Life Lessons

Always leave early so you can get to class on time!
(Psych major and Touro College Graduate School of Education student, Rebecca Lazarus, from Staten Island, NY)

Push Yourself

Don’t shy away from difficult professors--they are the ones who push you to excel.
(Bio major and current Touro DPT student, Brenda Solomon, from Elizabeth, NJ) 

Say yes! Do something you would never normally consider. Enter every door that opens for you… You never know where it might lead.
(Poli-sci major, Rena Devora Winick, from San Diego, CA. She’s pursuing a joint law and national security master’s program.)