Application Timeline


To which college should I apply?
The college choice process can be daunting but exciting! Use this time to visit your prospective colleges, attend an Open House or make some calls. Each college has a unique environment and may specialize in specific areas. The sooner you know what you wish to pursue professionally, the easier your college choice will be.
Good Luck!

When should I apply to college?
You should apply for admission to the college at the same time that you apply for admission to a seminary. Each college has its own admissions policies so be sure to follow the admissions checklist for each college you might be applying to.
There are specific deadlines for the Honors Program and the Integrated Health Science and Pharmacy Tracks at Touro.
Honors Program Fall 2022 - Early decision: November
Honors Program Fall 2022 - Students in Israel: January 
Honors Program Fall 2022 - Final application deadline: End of January 
Integrated Health Sciences and Pharmacy Honors Track: March 

Taking the SAT or ACT (or both)
Take the SAT or ACT. By taking the test(s) in this timeframe, you allow yourself the opportunity to retake it if you so desire.

For SAT registration information please go to
For ACT registration information please go to
- May
When can I expect an admissions decision?
A college will typically make an admissions decision after all transcripts, standardized test scores and letters of recommendation have been received.
- May
When should I apply for Financial Aid?
Once your parents have filed the current year’s tax return, please go to for more information. The college you attend may request additional supplemental information or documentation (e.g. tax returns, W-2’s). Remember the financial aid process is not completed until all documentation requested has been supplied.