Need-based government grants are available to all who qualify.

As long as you’re a registered student, a US citizen, and you’ve completed your FAFSA, you are eligible to receive need-based federal aid.

Federal Pell Grants
Maximum Annual Award: $5,775 

Federal Pell Grants are need-based entitlements available to undergraduate students pursuing their first degree and are registered  for a minimum of three credits.

Financial eligibility is determined by a standard formula established by Congress and used by the U.S. Department of Education to evaluate the information reported by students on their FAFSAs.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOGs)
Maximum Annual Award: $500

Federal SEOGs are awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional financial need in relation to other applicants at Touro College, with priority given to Pell Grant recipients.

Awards are granted at the discretion of the College and are based on financial need and the availability of funds.