The Touro College Israel Option (TCIO) was established for students who wish to graduate from Touro’s Lander Colleges, in keeping with Touro’s commitment to offering its baccalaureate degree students the widest possible range of Judaic Studies options. The TCIO is a formal arrangement with more than 30 post-secondary men’s yeshivos and women’s seminaries in Israel.

The objectives of the TCIO are to:

  • enable young men and women to explore their tradition without distraction, exposing them intensively to the concentrated study of Torah Texts: Talmud and Tanach with their respective commentaries, Jewish Law, History, and Philosophy;
  • increase the students’ knowledge and fluency in the oral and written expression of Hebrew;
  • provide students with a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture, history and land of Israel;
  • enhance students’ collegiate experience by enabling them to incorporate accredited study at Israeli institutions into their academic career;
  • provide students with necessary structure, support and assistance to gain the most from their Israel experience.


Up to 36 college credits applicable towards your Lander College Bachelor’s degree

• Courses and grades appear on official Touro transcripts

• Academic Advisement, career counseling, and course planning services provided by Touro Israel staff • Opportunity to explore career choices with Touro faculty

• Government financial grants and loans for qualified students

• Possible tax benefits (1098-T form)

• Ability to use “529” accounts to pay tuition

Participating Institutions

As of December 2012 the following schools participate in the Touro College Israel Option:


Women’s Schools





























 * The information in this brochure applies to the students in the Lander College of Arts and Sciences (Flatbush Men’s and Women’s Divisions), the Lander College for Women in Manhattan, and the Lander College for Men in Queens.

Credits, Grades and Transcripts

Students who successfully complete a year of full-time study in Israel receive appropriate Touro College credits. Students may earn up to 18 credits per semester or a maximum of 36 credits for a year. Please note that students must satisfy all course and examination requirements of Touro College to earn credits. Individual courses are recorded on a Touro College transcript. The grading system follows the American system (with letter grades A to F) for all courses with a written or oral final examination; students may select two courses, per semester, to be taken on a Pass (P)/Fail (F) basis. Courses credited are generally in the field of Judaic Studies. Grades earned in Israel are counted as part of the student’s grade point average (GPA) at Touro. Also, be aware that “credits” reported by Israeli institutions are often classroom periods, not American semester hours, and must be converted to American credits (often one half to two thirds of hours reported).

Please note, grades for the fall semester are generally not available until late in the spring, and grades for spring are usually not available until late in the summer. For yearlong courses, no mid-year grades are available. Touro College reserves the right to determine the acceptability of credits for any particular course taken in Israel.

Transcripts can be issued only by the Office of the Registrar at Touro College in New York, not by the Israeli institution. Although many colleges grant transfer credit for the Israel Option Program, Touro College cannot guarantee that students will receive transfer credit at other institutions. Students considering attendance at another college are responsible for contacting the alternate institution to determine if transfer credit will be granted.

Enrollment with Touro College while in Israel is a mutual commitment. Accordingly, students are expected to complete their baccalaureate degree studies at Touro College. Furthermore, it is required that students not hold a deferral at another institution during the Israel year. Students holding deferrals at another college should not enroll on the TCIO.

All Touro registrants are required to participate in the meetings and programs scheduled by the College. These include presentations by Touro faculty and deans geared to assist students in their academic planning.

Additionally, students must take an English proficiency examination and the Strong Career Inventory, which are usually administered during the fall semester.

An on-site orientation program is conducted by the Resident Director and the Dean of Students at the beginning of each academic year. At that time, the organization of the Israel Option program, process for awarding credits, details of the grading system, and academic majors and pre-professional options available at Touro College will be explained.

Student Responsibilities


Students are required to complete course registration in the fall and in the spring on the dates designated by the Touro College Israel office. These dates are posted in advance at participating schools. Failure to register by the end of November (fall) and the end of February (spring) will jeopardize the awarding of credits. No financial aid will be disbursed until registration is confirmed each semester.

Support Services in Israel


Counseling and advisement services for students in Israel are coordinated by Dr. Chana Sosevsky, the Touro College Resident Director. The Israel Option Office is located at the Touro Israel Center 11 Beit Hadfus Street in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem. The contact information is: Phone – (02) 651-0900 x3 or E-mail The Touro Office is open Sunday through Friday and students are encouraged to visit.

Dr. Sosevsky and her staff are available to assist students with any questions they may have, provide career guidance, and help students plan their college programs for the year following their stay in Israel. Similarly, students can inquire after the requirements for a particular field or major. Touro College bulletins and brochures describing the College’s diverse options at the Flatbush, Manhattan, and Queens campuses are readily available at the Touro Israel Center.

A variety of financial aid options are available for qualified students returning to Touro’s New York Campuses including:

• federal and state grant and loan programs,

• Touro College Grants,

• Dean’s Scholarships,

• Presidential Scholarships,

• Touro Academic Scholarships, and

• Lander Honors Scholarships.

Please see the Lander Colleges Financial Aid guide for more information.

In accordance with established regulations, Touro may request documentation such as Federal and State tax returns before approving a financial aid pack- age. Failure to submit any requested documentation will result in the denial of financial aid. If you have any ques- tions, please contact the Office of Finan- cial Aid at (718) 252-7800, ext. 258. Students enrolled in the TCIO can also elect to have their tuition paid through “529” accounts and/ or may be eligible to receive federal tax credits for tuition paid to Touro College. Please contact your accountant for additional information.

Tuition And Fees


Financial arrangements for the payment of all tuition and instructional fees for the TCIO program must be made through Touro College.


The Touro College Israel Option fee is $900, payable when students submit their completed Contract to Participate in the Israel Option prior to departure for Israel. Students who continue their degree studies at Touro College after returning from Israel will receive a $450 credit towards their second year tuition in the United States at one of the Lander Colleges (fall or spring semester only).

Touro students who participate on the Israel Option as a part of their baccalaureate degree may qualify for governmental financial grants and student loans. Students who wish to apply for aid must first apply for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at Then students can apply for a Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Loans, and New York State residents may apply for a TAP Grant by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at The Touro College school code is 010142. Students cannot apply for Federal Direct Loans until the FAFSA is processed.

For a variety of reasons students may sometimes wish to withdraw from the TCIO or change from one institution to another. In such cases Touro will not be held responsible for any financial obligation toward the Israeli school. Further-more, students may jeopardize the awarding of college credits and financial aid by transferring. Students should notify the Touro College Resident Director immediately if they plan to switch schools.

Students who have pre-registered by signing the Contract to Participate in the Israel Option may decide to with draw from the program by informing the Touro Israel Office and completing a Withdrawal Form. Requests for withdrawal must be received by November 30 (fall) or March 15 (spring).

Students who withdraw before the dead- line in the fall will receive a maximum refund of $850 of the total Israel Option fee paid. Students who withdraw in the spring semester will not receive any refund of the Israel Option fee. Please note that the Touro Israel Option fee of $900 includes a $50 non-refundable tuition deposit.

What If…? Shana Bet?

Students who are either ineligible to participate on the TCIO or plan to attend a school not participating on the TCIO, may receive up to 32 transfer credits for one year of study in Israel.

Students who choose to remain in Israel during “shana bet” can receive up to 16 additional transfer credits from the yeshiva or seminary they are attending (for a maximum accrual of 48 credits from yeshiva or seminary). Also during “shana bet” students may elect to take additional college courses at Touro College Israel (TCI). TCI is located at the Touro Israel Center, in the Givat Shaul section of Jerusalem. Additional information about TCI is available at

Admissions Procedures


Students must apply separately to both Touro College and the desired Israeli institution. Acceptance to the Israeli institution does NOT guarantee admission to Touro College. APPLICANTS MUST MEET FULL ADMISSIONS STANDARDS TO THE LANDER COLLEGE DIVISION OF TOURO. Students admitted on a probationary or non-matriculated basis may not participate in the Israel Option. Additionally, students residing outside the United States are ineligible to participate in the Touro College Israel Option but are welcome to register at Touro’s New York campuses.

The Application Process:

1. APPLICATION FORM — Submit your completed application, together with a non-refundable $50 fee, to the Office of Admissions.


2. ACADEMIC RECORDS — Forward official high school transcripts to the Office of Admissions. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that transcripts are sent in a timely manner. All applications and transcripts must be received by May 15.


3. TEST SCORES — US high school students are expected to take either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT). To send scores to the Touro College Office of Admissions, students should contact their high school guidance office or visit the SAT or ACT websites. Touro College‘s code is 2902 for the SAT ( and 2961 for the ACT (


4. INTERVIEWS — The Admissions Committee may request that applicants interview with an admissions officer and take an English proficiency examination. The interview and test results will be used to evaluate candidacy for admission.


5. CONTRACT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ISRAEL OPTION — Admitted students will be sent a Contract to Participate in the Touro College Israel Option. Students must submit this preregistration form and make appropriate tuition payments prior to their departure to Israel. Currents students at Touro College (i.e. students already enrolled in a degree program at Touro College) need not submit a new application but must file the Contract to Participate in the Touro College Israel Option, available from the Office of Admissions.

Questions? Contact:

Lander College Office of Admissions 1602 Avenue J, Room 207 Brooklyn, NY 11230

(718) 252-7800 ext. 299 or 320

For additional information, an application for admission, or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Touro College

Lander Colleges

Office of Admissions

1602 Avenue J

Brooklyn, NY 11230

(718) 252-7800 ext. 299 or 320 Fax: (718) 338-6295


Students residing in California or Florida who are interested in participating in the Israel Option with Touro College Los Angeles or Touro College South should please contact:



1317 North Crescent Heights Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90046

Phone: (323) 822-9700




1703 Washington Avenue

Miami Beach FL 33139

Phone: (305) 535-1066, ext. 55400 Email:


The Touro College Board of Trustees reserves the right to change the fee schedule without prior written notice.

Touro College is an equal opportunity institution.

Revised and reissued December 2012