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17 Mar

LCW Lends a Hand for Purim Festivities

Category: Landers

When (the Jewish month) Adar begins, we increase our joy.

Over one hundred women studying in Israel gathered together on Feb. 16, shortly before Rosh Chodesh Adar, to channel the strength of the happiest month of the Jewish year into a unique project.

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5 Dec

What’s Happening on Campus? A Discussion on Dystopian Literature

Category: Landers, LCW Students

The Lit Society gathers to discuss the twisted society of Harrison Bergeron, a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut. Unsurprisingly, given the theme of this conversation, all roads again lead to The Hunger Games…


4 Dec

Becker Education ‘Accounts’ for Student Success

Category: Landers, LCW Students

The Society of Accounting Professionals welcomed Becker Professional Education on December 3rd for a fun and informative CPA Exam review game! Students entered Room 405 and were immediately given a folder brimming with study materials, test information, and general advice, ready to tackle a competitive Jeopardy-inspired exam review. Split into four teams, each including one seasoned senior, students answered questions regarding the sections of the test, scores, credits, and requirements. The Becker formats of study were simultaneously introduced, in order to present students with a variety of flexible course options for additional preparation.

While the winning team emerged in Becker paraphernalia, all participants left armed with a mega-highlighter and self-vision of success!

Many thanks to Stephanie Opalinski, Field Marketing Specialist at Becker, who presented this dynamic, comprehensive, and educational session.