The Touro College writing center is a resource open to students enrolled in introductory courses across the disciplines, with the exception of Composition courses. Students may visit the writing center on an as needed, drop-in basis. However, to ensure a meeting, students are encouraged to schedule meetings in advance. At the writing center, students can expect to be guided in the concrete formulation of their written assignments. Ultimately, with the instructor’s guidance, students will work to outline and shape their ideas into structured points or arguments reflecting a cogent thesis, connected body paragraphs that serve to explore the stated thesis, and a conclusion that reflects, but does not reiterate, the thesis.

Hours / Location:

Monday/Wednesday: 10am-5pm
Tuesday/ Thursday: TBD.

Meetings will take place in the first floor lounge, with the exception of the lunch hour, when meetings will take place in the library.


Please contact the writing center at

What you can expect:

  • The writing center cannot provide guidance concerning personal essays.
  • Visiting the writing center does not guarantee the awarding of an A in any course.
  • Students can expect to be aided with the architecture and structure of their papers, but not with the content.
  • The writing center will offer writing guidance and support, but will not write students’ papers for them, or engage in plagiarism of any sort.
  • For optimal results, students should schedule their visits to the writing center well in advance of the assignment’s deadline.