In order to graduate, students must complete 120 credits of approved work, with 60 credits of liberal arts and science courses for the Bachelor of Science and 90 credits of liberal arts courses for the Bachelor of Arts.

Students must complete the Humanities Core, the Math and Computer Science Requirement, the Judaic Studies Core, and all academic requirements for their major.

To receive a degree from LCW, students must complete a minimum of 45 credits at Touro College, of which 30 credits must be taken at a New York location (this includes both LCW and the Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Brooklyn).

Students must complete 50% of the requirements for their major at Touro College.

To receive a degree, student must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 overall and 2.3 in their major.

Students must receive a passing grade in all courses required for their major.  Some departments may require extra examinations for graduation.

Note:  You cannot receive credit for taking the same course twice.  If you take a course at the Flatbush campus that has a different name than a course at LCW Manhattan, but the two courses have the same course content, you will not receive credit for both.  For example, you cannot receive credit for graduation for taking both Biology 101:  Principles of Biology (for Majors) and Biology 111:  Human Biology (for Non-Majors).

There are 3 graduation dates per year:  June, September, and January. The date of graduation is listed on student diplomas, however, there is only one graduation ceremony held in June each year.  If you wish to officially graduate in June, all coursework must be completed by the last Tuesday of June.  If coursework is not completed by this date, but is completed over the summer, you will be eligible to graduate in September.  Students who require 9 credits or fewer to graduate as of June, may march down with their class at the June graduation.

For additional information, please read the Touro College Bulletin