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Esther Levy

Hometown: Queens, New York
Future Doctor

January 13, 2016

Future career: Pediatrician

I want to combine the hard and soft of medicine---I like the rigor and structure of the scientific method, but also see the necessity in being there emotionally for the patient, knowing that the patient is a person and not just something you have to treat." 

Favorite class/professor: Biology 101 with Professor Kenneth Danishefsky

Inspiration: “After my grandmother had a stroke, I saw how her illness had a major effect on her. It made me realize that I wanted to go into the health profession to be able to help people like her and give them the ability to get back up and continue their daily lives."

What she loves most about LCW: the friends she's making

Head start: During high school, Esther began volunteering at Booth Memorial Hospital. Now, she volunteers weekly at Columbia-Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, in the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Unit, where she plays with the kids in the Child Life playroom. On the side, she assists in research of esophageal cancer.