Integrated Health Sciences Honors Program

This program is designed for students of exceptional ability who have decided on a career as an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a physician assistant, or a speech-language pathologist, while still in high school or while studying in Israel. To be accepted to the Honors Program, students must demonstrate a superior degree of academic ability and maturity in their decision to pursue one of the health science programs. Acceptance into the program reserves a spot in Touro’s Graduate School of Health Sciences, contingent upon the student’s meeting certain requirements while an undergrad, as listed.


The Integrated Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree(s)
Jewish Childhood Education/Special Education Honors Track

The Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree(s) Jewish Childhood Education/Special Education Honors Track is unique to Lander College for Women and offers students the opportunity to become future leaders and educators in the Jewish community.  The program includes mentoring at both the baccalaureate and masters levels, internships and teaching opportunities in yeshivas.  Students who complete this program will receive a Bachelor’s degree in Judaic Studies with a Master’s degree in Jewish Childhood Education/Special Education.  The Master’s program is accredited by New York State.  The practical coursework focuses on how to teach Jewish History, Tefillah, Tanach with meforshim, and Hebrew reading, and is designed to enable future educators to understand how factors unique to the Jewish community may impact how children learn. Courses will also offer strategies for integrating technology into the Judaic Studies curriculum.

In order to be considered for this program an applicant must have a minimum GPA of 92 and score a minimum of 600 on each of the three parts of the SAT with at least a 1250 combined score on the first two parts of the SAT.  If a student has taken the ACT, the minimum composite score is a 27.  Applicants must have experience with and a passion for working with children.  The application process includes the submission of specific essays, transcripts and an interview.

Fill out an application, here. Please submit your completed documents, in addition to the General Application, to the Office of Admissions of the Lander College for Women. Students studying in Israel should scan and email the application to or fax it directly to 212-582-2344.