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International Business (for business majors)

Please see Mrs. Dvora Hersh for a form.

This minor is meant for business majors. To fulfill the requirements for a minor in international business you must complete 15 credits as follows:

Required  Core (12 Credits):

  • EBF 101 Principles of Finance 3
  • EBE 408 International Trade and Monetary Systems 3
  • IB 610 Introduction to International Business 3

Choose one of the following:

  • HIS 334 Topics in Modern European History 3
  • HIS 363 Topics in Third World Modern History 3
  • POL 103 International Relations 3
  • POL 222 International Law 3

 Two electives (6 credits):

  • EBF 338 International Financial Markets 3
  • EBF 420 International Commodity Trading 3
  • EBK 340 International Marketing Management 3
  • EBM 310 Multinational Business Management 3
  • EBA 351 International Accounting 3
  • EBE 311 Comparative Economic Systems 3

Total Credits in Program 15

 Please note:

  • This minor is meant for Business majors. Other students can take the minor, but would need to take several prerequisite courses.
  • All/most of these courses require prerequisites. Students should verify that prerequisites have been fulfilled
  • Courses for the minor (except for Principles of Finance) may NOT be double counted or used to satisfy other college or major requirements.
  • At least four of the six courses for the minor must be taken at Touro College.