The Honors Program of the Lander College for Women/The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School (LCW) offers the finest students an advanced, academically challenging course of study in the renowned Torah environment of LCW. Honors Program participants enroll in intellectually rigorous honors courses that are designed to build superior writing, communication and leadership skills. The Honors Program helps students maximize their intellectual and leadership
capabilities so they can achieve their professional goals and make positive contributions to their communities. Motivated students, who want to be intellectually challenged and gain the most out of their time in college and in New York, are encouraged to apply. Non-honors students at LCW can register for an honors course provided they obtain special permission from the department chair.

  • Enroll in small, intellectually stimulating courses that allow students to build relationships with their professors
  • Participate in an academic community, learning with and from other similarly motivated students
  • Engage in a senior thesis full-year research project, designed by the Honors Student herself in close consultation with an Honors Program professor/advisor
  • Attend special lectures by Jewish leaders and others, including elected officials, diplomats, writers and scholars
  • Enjoy placement in high-level internship positions
  • Join LCW staff in enjoying the rich cultural environment of New York, visiting appropriate exhibitions and events
  • Have access to the full range of classes at LCW with preferential course enrollment
  • Honors students are awarded merit scholarships over and above LCW’s financial aid packages
  • Participating in LCW’s prestigious Honors Program gives highly accomplished students a competitive advantage in applying to graduate school and in pursuing their professional careers
  • Academic supervision and individual advisement from both the director of the program and the dean of the college.

Past Honors Program Speakers & Events:

  • Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
  • Michael Miller, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York
  • Rabbi Zev Leff of Moshav Matityahu (who addressed students in New York and Israel)
  • Rabbi Cary Friedman, consultant on behavioral science to the FBI
  • Cynthia Darrison, a distinguished graduate and sought-after political consultant
  • Matthew Hiltzik of Hiltizk Strategies, a former advisor to Hillary Clinton
  • Naomi Maryles, Esq., first women to serve as administrative attorney for a beis din
  • Rabbi Benjamin Blech, famous author and orator
  • Richard Bernstein, Esq., a blind disabilities lawyer and advocate
  • Private briefings on Israeli and Jewish communal affairs
  • A “behind the scenes” tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art led by an Orthodox member of the museum’s staff
  • A private reception and shiur with Rabbi Berel Wein in Jerusalem for seminary students who had been accepted to the program
  • A discussion about “The Jews of the United States” at the German House, the home to the German Consular General
  • A lecture about “Israel’s Past, Present and Future” at The Jewish Center given by Ambassador Ron Prosor the permanent representative of Israel to the UN.

Requirements for admission:

  • A minimum score of 1350 on the first two sections of the SATs, or a 31 on the ACT.
  • A high school grade point average of 92 or higher.

Application process:

Applicants must complete the application for the Honors Program and submit two letters of recommendation for the Honors Program (in addition to the two letters of recommendation required for general college admission). The Honors Program has a separate application with a separate set of supporting materials. Students applying to the Honors Program will end up submitting two applications, the application for general admission to LCW and the Honors Program application. Both the Honors Program application and the general admissions application, with all supporting materials, must be submitted by the Honors Program deadline date. An Honors Program applicant will submit:

  • General admissions application to LCW
  • Two letters of recommendation to accompany the general admissions application
  • Honors Application
  • Two letters of recommendation to accompany the Honors Program application

You should apply for the Honors Program at the same time you apply for general college admission. Students accepted to the program who attend seminaries in Israel are invited to special events, such as shiurim and receptions, in Israel.

Honors program applicants will be contacted to schedule a personal interview.


This is a highly competitive program. Qualified students are encouraged to apply early.

Fall 2016 Early Application Deadline: November 2, 2015
Fall 2016 Early Application Deadline for students in Israel: November 15, 2015
Fall 2016 Final Application Deadline: January 25, 2016

For more information:

Dr. Karen Sutton, Ph.D.
Director of the Honors Program