As the Dean of the Lander College for Women/ The Anna Ruth & Mark Hasten School of Touro College, I am delighted to introduce myself and the college to you.  I look forward to meeting you.

At the Lander College for Women, you will be learning in a supportive but challenging environment.  The high level of interaction between students and faculty encourages our students to be creative, strive for distinction and achieve excellence.  All of our faculty members are scholars and dedicated teachers who bring practical knowledge to the classroom.  They will enable you to excel at critical thinking, problem solving, and oral and written communication.  In particular, at the Lander College for Women, the opportunity to pursue Judaic Studies on a high level and learn from a world-class Judaic studies faculty is unparalleled.  Our small class sizes and the personalized attention that you receive in each of your classes will add an important dimension to your education and will help you achieve your best in the classroom, your careers, and your future lives.

Lander College for Women is located in a beautiful state-of-the art facility on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Our educational approach is for learning to take place not only inside the classroom, but also in casual conversations with faculty members and in discussions with our student body from the US and around the world.  Our location in one of the most dynamic Jewish communities in the world and in a cultural and educational corridor in Manhattan enhances our ability to make Lander College for Women an exciting environment to pursue a college education.

Our students today have a broad range of interests. They focus on history and literature, art and music, psychology and business, and many other academic disciplines.  Lander College for Women integrates the intellectual pursuit of traditional liberal arts majors with internships and mentorships that form the foundation for practical preparation for professional careers in business, education, and the sciences. The achievements of our alumnae who successfully balance their religious commitments with careers in diverse professional fields reflect the excellence of their Jewish and secular education.  Graduates of the Lander College for Women are accepted in the most competitive graduate and professional schools and can be increasingly found in leadership positions in Jewish community life.

Our mission is to promote the pursuit of knowledge in religious and secular environments and foster intellectual curiosity so that our graduates will be successful women who are able to lead and contribute.  We strive to create a stimulating academic environment with Torah values in which students are challenged and inspired to excel.   We look forward to having you join us for this rewarding college experience.

With best regards,

 Marian Stoltz-Loike, Ph.D.
Vice President, Online Education 
Touro College
Dean, Lander College for Women
The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School